Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Judgement Day 秋後算帳

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曾為民主黨高爾的競選拍檔,康州聯邦參議員利伯曼(Joseph Lieberman)要面對民主黨人對他的秋後算帳了。利伯曼高調出席共和黨麥凱恩提名大會,發表演講,盡情詆譭奧巴馬,在競選途中,亦出言不遜,毫不留手,更利用電視廣告宣傳,進行人身攻擊。沒有人會錯怪他押錯賭注,緊隨麥凱恩,問題是他的說話是否屬實。

(While asserting that some of the statements critical of Obama attributed to him "are simply untrue," Lieberman acknowledged "there are other statements I made that I wish I had made more clearly. And there are other statements I made I wish I hadn't made.") 這樣招供之餘,惟悔之已晚了。在2012年,康州選民會給他一個明確的回答。

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