Friday, June 16, 2017

紫色的季節 Purple Season


  1. Wabash
    M. Williamson, 1936

    TB 40" M W3D PBF

    A classic! Wildly popular for many years, and still easily found on favorites lists and in commerce. From Cooley's Gardens catalog for 1938: "A new iris so far in advance of others of similar color combination that they are simply not in the race. With clean white standards and bright purple falls, it might have been called 'Elk's Temple,' so well does it call to mind the colors of that well known fraternal organization. The flowers are large and are borne on well branched stalks reaching almost forty inches in height."

    (Dorothy Dietz X Cantabile), HM 1937, AM 1938, Dykes Medal 1940.

    Note: The variety Bright Hour is often misidentified as Wabash. The true Wabash has purple based foliage (PBF), Bright Hour does not.

    1. 鳶尾屬(學名:Iris)屬於鳶尾科,Iris源於希臘語,意為「彩虹」,中文裡鳶尾屬又稱「愛麗絲」或是「伊莉絲」,為希臘神話中彩虹女神的名字。天然鳶尾科植物的分布地點主要是在北非、西班牙、葡萄牙、高加索地區、黎巴嫩和以色列等。